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Hoichoi app could not open

Hoichoi app on my Nvidia Shield( TV Box) worked fine and smooth for several days after installation. But today when I click Hoichoi to open it just freezes on the name Hoichoi full screen of the television screen. I unistalled and installed again from play store of Nvidia Shield but no success. What I can do now?

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I have just subscribed hoichoi for the first time. Using my phone number I logged in. But nothing happened. It again told me to login. Did that several times as I am unable to login. Now it's showing you have exceeded your maximum otp per day. What should I do don't know.

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Same problem with my Mi Box S. If you guys find any solution, let me know.
Same problem with my Mi TV Box3

403 error shown in the screen

Same problem with my Mi Tv stick

Same problem with my MI TV stick


We sincerely apologize for all the inconvenience. We have fixed all the android TV issues from our end.

We'd request you to re-install the app once and check. If issue prevails, please initiate a whatsapp chat with 8017990000 and we'd be more than happy to assist.

Same problem again

I am a subscriber of Hoichoi but I could not open Hoichoi Apps. My name in Hoichoi as G.B. Ray Chaudhuri. It is showing 403.

Same for me as well. Unable to open in my MI TV Box.

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