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I am getting error msg "content not available"

I am getting error msg "content not available"

Not activated in my smart phone. What is the problem?

Not able to login to my smart TV


I could not open Hoichoi site error is showing 404

Hi, Could you please clear the app/browser cache and give it a try? If it still prevails, please initiate a chat with 8017990000 and we'd get you up and going..

i also sufferd from this problem

plz solve this

Hi Mr Roy,

Has the issue resolved for you?

If not, could you please initiate a whatsapp chat with us in 8017990000 so that we can troubleshoot the issue better.

My no is 9742104242. I am using LG smart tv. I am gettimg this error for all content

Please let us know which content are you getting this error and  which device you are playing this content? Also let us know your contact number so that we can connect with you to understand it in details.

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